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Assessment Committee

Committee Purpose

The committee will provide input regarding the assurance of quality and consistent teaching and learning through admissions and exit standards, prerequisite course or test score review, assessment of programs, and evaluation of the success of Southern students.  Additionally, this committee will work with other committees to establish and distribute standards for portfolio evaluation.  The committee will also be responsible for assuring that state, federal, and college assessment standards are  reviewed, evaluated, and communicated to all parties concerned.


The Assessment Committee will submit recommendations to the Management Council of Academic Affairs and Student Services.


The Chair shall be elected by committee members.  He/she shall have been employed by Southern two full years prior to serving as chair.  The Vice Chair shall be elected by committee members.


 The committee is comprised of twelve (12) members and two (2) ex-officio non-voting members:

  • Chair of the Math Rubric Scoring Team
  • Chair of the Writing Rubric Scoring Team
  • Eight (8) faculty members elected by division faculty; two from each academic division
  • Past Assessment Chair
  • Student Representative – Elected by the Student Government Association

Total Membership  12

Ex-officio Members

  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • 11 Voting Members; Quorum = 7 (50% + 1); [Committee Chair is a non-voting member except in the case of a tie vote; Vacant positions not counted for quorum.]

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Click here for committee minutes.