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Enrollment Management Committee

Committee Purpose

To make recommendations on a college wide uniform effort addressing the areas of recruitment, registration, orientation, retention, marketing, college success, and career services.  The committee focuses on individuals throughout the service district as potential, current and previously served customers.  The committee has oversight for the Enrollment Management Plan 2012-2015, A Roadmap for Success.  This includes monitoring and written documentation of strategies accomplished and revisions which need to occur in subsequent years of the Enrollment Management Plan.


The Enrollment  Management Committee will submit recommendations to the Executive Council.


The Chair shall be elected by committee members.  He/she shall have been employed by Southern for two full years prior to serving as chair.  The Vice Chair shall be elected by committee members.  He/she shall have been employed by Southern for one full year prior to serving as vice chair.


The committee is comprised of seventeen (17) members and one (1) ex-officio non-voting member:

  • Classified Staff at-large – two (2) members – as elected by the classified staff assembly
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Director of Admissions and Registrar
  • Director of Disability and Adult Services
  • Director of Enrollment Management and Student Engagement
  • Director of Media (Graphics and Web Designer)
  • Director of Student Financial Assistance
  • Faculty – four (4) members – one from each campus as elected by the faculty assembly:  Boone/Lincoln, Logan, Williamson, Wyoming/McDowell
  • Program Advisor – as elected by the classified staff assembly
  • Program Coordinator/Veteran’s Support
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Workforce and Community Development

Total Membership 17

Ex-officio Non-voting Member

  • Vice President for Finance and Administration


  • 16 Voting Members; Quorum = 9 (50% + 1); [Committee Chair is a non-voting member except in the case of a tie vote; Vacant positions not counted for quorum.]

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