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Enrollment Management Committee Membership


  • Teri Wells, Chair, Director of Admissions and Interim Registrar
  • Karen Preece, Vice Chair, Classified Staff at-large
  • Susan Baldwin, Faculty, Boone/Lincoln Campus
  • Allyn Sue Barker, Vice President for Workforce and Community Development, and
  • Interim Vice President for Student Services
  • Carol Cole, Public Relations Specialist
  • Rhonda Collins, Program Advisor
  • Ricky Ellis, Program Coordinator/Veteran’s Support
  • Stella Estepp, Interim Director of Student Financial Assistance
  • Vicky Evans, Faculty, Williamson Campus
  • Gary Holeman, Chief Information Officer
  • Anna James, Faculty, Logan Campus
  • Abigail Michelini, Faculty, Wyoming/McDowell Campus
  • Joseph Nelson, Director of Media
  • Karen Preece, Classified Staff at-large
  • Darrell Taylor, Director of Enrollment Management and Student Engagement
  • Dianna Toler, Director of Disability and Adult Services
  • Vacant, Classified Staff at-large

Ex-officio Member

  • Samuel Litteral, Vice President for Finance and Administration


  • Vicki Damron    


  • 16 Voting Members; Quorum = 9 (50% + 1); [Committee Chair is a non-voting member except in the case of a tie vote; Vacant positions not counted for quorum.]