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Strategic Goals 2010-2015

Strategic planning is creating a vision for the future and managing toward that vision. It is a process for aligning short-term decisions with long-term goals. Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College’s (Southern) strategic plan shapes and guides who we are, what we do, and why we do it, all with a focus on the future. Our strategic plan helps us achieve long-term goals by focusing our energy, by ensuring that we are all working toward the same end, and by allowing us to assess and adjust the College's direction in response to changes. Southern's strategic plan sets forth our reason for being, defines the critical issues, establishes a vision, sets measurable objectives, and, most importantly, prioritizes strategies for achieving our vision.

Strategic Goals

  1. Produce more graduates — By the year 2015, Southern will increase the number of graduates from 225 per year to 273 (20% increase) by:
    1. Revising developmental education;
    2. Increasing and/or enhancing access through distance education delivery modes;
    3. Providing full certificate and associate degree programs through FasTrack and other alternative scheduling models;
    4. Increasing the number of graduates in non-traditional programs [Board of Governors AAS, Occupational Development, Technical Studies]; and,
    5. Improving procedures for the awarding of degrees that will encourage candidates for graduation to complete the process.
  2. Promote strong employer partnerships — By the year 2015, Southern will promote strong employer partnerships by:
    1. Identifying high demand occupations and skill sets needed by employers;
    2. Delivering training and professional development opportunities for business and industry in the region;
    3. Formally establishing partnership with energy and health sector representatives to meet the need of employers;
    4. Expanding workforce education courses and programs into other sectors and industries; and,
    5. Piloting three internet-based programs through the Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies.
  3. Serve more adults — By the year 2015, Southern will increase the adult student enrollment by 2% through:
    1. Developing and implementing an Enrollment Management Plan with an additional focus on adults 25 years of age and older;
    2. Maximizing financial assistance programs targeted to adult and part-time students;
    3. Developing a comprehensive Adult Services Center;
    4. Implementing a pre-semester orientation and Orientation to College course for adult students; and
    5. Creating a Veteran’s Task Force and Veteran’s Center to implement a plan to recruit, assist, and graduate more veterans.
  4. Build and maintain facilities — By the year 2015, Southern will improve the institution’s facilities and infrastructure by:
    1. Revising the Ten Year Master Facilities Plan for all campuses and locations;
    2. Increasing the use of technology to improve operational efficiencies;
    3. Developing a priority list of deferred maintenance projects; and
    4. Maximizing the use of technology in any new building construction.

Approved 06-21-2011
Southern West Virginia Community and
Technical College Board of Governors