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Mission and Vision Statement

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is a comprehensive community college located in a rural environment. The College strives to fulfill current and future higher educational and vocational/technical needs of southern West Virginia, its service area and beyond. Our College emphasizes student-oriented, transferable learning, enabling students to achieve work, career and personal success.

Our College provides high-quality, affordable, student-friendly, and easily accessible educational services. We are highly effective and flexible in responding to state and community demands, and adapting to a global socio-economic system.

Institutional Commitments

  1. To provide programs of study which can be effectively transferred to other institutions and applied toward the completion of a baccalaureate degree.
  2. To provide programs of study which prepare and/or upgrade students' skills in the occupation of their choice, especially those occupations which help meet the needs of the College's service district.
  3. To provide students with the services necessary to assist them in successfully realizing their educational plans.
  4. To provide developmental courses for students who enter through the "open door" admissions policy and who lack the necessary academic background.
  5. To provide continuing education opportunities for individuals in the service district who are interested in personal, cultural, or occupational improvement.
  6. To provide workforce training and retraining as a mechanism for economic development through partnerships with business, industry, labor, education, civic clubs and organizations, community leaders and government.
  7. To provide activities which are culturally enriching and entertaining for the entire district, as well as those enrolled at Southern.