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Southern Policies

Southern College Policies (SCP) are rules, guidelines, and policy statements, which may include delegation of authority, program or institutional administrative decisions, general guidelines or procedures, and other college administrative information of a continuing nature.

Number Policy Name Policy Files
SCP-1000 Manuals, Announcements, and Policies (MAP) Development System Download File
SCP-1000.A MAP Classification Table Download File
SCP-1000.B Format for Southern College Policy (SCP) Download File
SCP-1000.C Format for Southern Administrative Announcements (SAA) Download File
SCP-1000.D Format for Southern Administrative Manuals (SAM) Download File
SCP-1001 Records Retention Download File
SCP-1001.A General Records Retention Schedule Download File
SCP-1002 Official College Spokesperson and Media Releases Download File
SCP-1003 Consumer Information Download File
SCP-1010 Use of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus Download File
SCP-1091 Classified Staff Council Constitution Download File
SCP-1160 Diversity Philosophy Download File
SCP-1215 Use of Institutional Facilities Download File
SCP-1215.A College Facility Use Agreement Download File
SCP-1230 Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives Policy Download File
SCP-1375 Reports of Accidents/Incidents Download File
SCP-1375.A Accident/Incident Report Form Download File
SCP-1375.B Monthly Report of Accidents/Incidents Download File
SCP-1400 Guest Speakers, Lecturers, Performers, and Organized Groups Download File
SCP-1400.A Request to Invite a Guest Speaker, Lecturer, Performer, or Organized Group Download File
SCP-1435 Inclement Weather and Emergency Situation Download File
SCP-1435.A Media Notification List Download File
SCP-1435.B Essential Employee Guidelines Download File
SCP-1481 Naming of Facilities or Organizational Units Download File
SCP-1500 Philosophy, Vision and Mission Download File
SCP-1725 Private Scholarships Download File
SCP-1735 Solicitation Policy Download File
SCP-1735.A On Campus Solicitation Request Form Download File
SCP-1750 Tobacco and Smoke-free Campus Download File