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Presidential Search Position Description

Presidential Search Position Description


The Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Board of Governors invites applications and nominations for the position of President. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the institution and reports directly to the 12-member Board of Governors, nine of whom are appointed by the Governor of West Virginia. The President is responsible for the leadership, management and development of the College, and is the official channel to the Board for all policy, program, and budget recommendations.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Fulfilling the mission and vision of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College;
  2. Serving as Chief Executive Officer of the College;
  3. Envisioning and developing successful models for strategic planning, assessment, data collection, and implementation that can be used in charting the future of the institution;
  4. Overseeing the development of innovative academic programs that promote student success and growth;
  5. Managing budgeting approaches and financial models that support the basic needs of the College, encourage growth, and provide for some managed risk strategies;
  6. Developing and implementing comprehensive fundraising strategies for both programmatic and capital funding needs;
  7. Facilitating the development of comprehensive marketing strategies for the institution and its programs and services;
  8. Ensuring that all faculty and staff have a stake in the College’s success by encouraging their best work and developing open communications and exchanges of ideas;
  9. Monitoring trends in higher education and promoting educational strategies to address those trends;
  10. Building and maintaining stakeholder and community connections and partnerships;
  11. Facilitating and implementing various uses of technology in both classroom and organization efforts;
  12. Effectively networking and developing policy with legislative and regulatory bodies whose support is essential to the success of the institution.

Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College seeks an ethical and energetic president who exhibits the following traits, skills, qualities and characteristics:

  1. Has an understanding of the mission and vision of community and technical colleges.
  2. Has experience in collaborative leadership, such as shared governance with boards and stakeholders.
  3. Has a record of effective leadership in supporting and promoting economic development and work force preparation, including an understanding of the role of the public college in meeting education and training needs.
  4. Has strong interpersonal and communication skills, and a proven ability to handle multiple competing demands.
  5. Has demonstrated success in institutional advancement, such as revenue generation, fundraising, and development.
  6. Has a record of success as a thoughtful, visionary, effective, team-oriented leader and manager of people.
  7. A demonstrated ability to develop and motivate staff.
  8. A demonstrated commitment to building partnerships and coalitions with business and industry, government agencies, public schools, other colleges and universities, and other community groups.
  9. A demonstrated ability to set, manage, and implement priorities
  10. Is a decision maker.
  11. Has the ability and willingness to make tough decisions, based upon research and data.
  12. Has good organizational and group instincts and abilities, and the ability to interact effectively with many outside organizations as an advocate for the College.
  13. A demonstrated ability to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with the community.

Personal Qualifications

  1. A demonstrated leader, the President should be a proven manager with the ability to motivate, inspire and instill confidence in others.
  2. A proven strategic thinker with the highest level of integrity, the President should provide vision and collaborate with all College stakeholders including the Board of Governors.
  3. The President should be a thought leader with a track record of integrating cutting edge programs and ideas.
  4. The President should be inspiring and creative; a catalyst with a vision that can create excitement and energy around Southern’s mission and encourage others to support the organization.
  5. The President should be comfortable with high public visibility and experienced with developing partnerships and alliances.
  6. The President should be an energetic self-starter, flexible and be able to prioritize multiple tasks. 
  7. The President should be a good listener.
  8. The President should be proactive, open and a leader who shares information readily, while respecting the abilities and opinions of others.
  9. The President should be approachable and accessible to students.


1.  Education - A Master’s Degree from a regionally accredited institution is required; an earned doctorate from a regionally accredited institution is preferred.

2.  Experience - Demonstrated and meaningful experience leading a dynamic, complex organization.


Salary will be commensurate with experience. The position carries with it an attractive benefits package. This is a non-classified, FLSA-exempt position.

 BOG Approved 03-16-2015