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Presidential Search Committee Procedure

Presidential Search Committee Procedure


The Board of Governors hereby establishes a Presidential Search Committee to evaluate applicants for and choose the next president of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. The search procedure for the permanent President of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is designed and intended to be swift, effective, and thorough. Accordingly, the College has developed a search procedure for the new president that is consistent with Series 5 and the applicable rules of the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education (“Council”) to achieve these goals.

Search Committee

  1. To maintain continuity among its membership, the Presidential Search Committee will consist of all of the current members of the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College Board of Governors, including the current faculty, staff, and student representatives on the Board, who will be the voting members of the Search Committee.
  2. In the event that there is a change in one or more of the faculty, staff, and/or student representative(s) to the Board of Governors, the Search Committee membership may be modified or supplemented to assure continued compliance with Series 5 and the applicable rules of the Council.
  3. The Search Committee will designate a chairperson to coordinate the activities of the search committee.
  4. The Search Committee Chair will coordinate with the Chancellor of the Community and Technical College System to formalize the involvement of the Council in this search process in accordance with the provisions of Series 5 of the Code of State Regulations.

Development of Job Description

The Board of Governors will develop a job description for the position of President, which will set forth desirable characteristics and qualities for the Presidential position. The job description will be used in the selection and evaluation of the candidates.

Position Announcement

An announcement regarding the position of President will be prepared and distributed nationally to appropriate newspapers and other media sources, heads of higher education associations and organizations, and other appropriate individuals for the purpose of advertising the position. The announcement and job description will be posted on Southern’s website; sent as part of a press release to the media; and placed in advertisements in appropriate local, state, and national publications.

Search Firm/Consultant

One or more search firms or consultants will be retained to assist the College in the search process. Search firm services may include, but not be limited to, assistance in preparing the position announcement; creation of a national advertising strategy; collection of applicant resumes; preliminarily screening of applicant resumes; providing recommendations to the Search Committee regarding applicants; conducting background and credential checks; and performing such other services as the Search Committee may request or require from time to time during the search process.

Selection Process

  1. Following the deadline for receipt of presidential nominations and applications, the Search Committee will receive from the Search Firm/Consultants the resumes of the applicants and/or nominees who meet the minimum qualifications of the search. The Search Committee will determine the applicants and/or nominees that will move forward through the search process.
  2. Any Interim President hired by Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College is not and shall not be considered a candidate for the permanent President position.
  3. The Search Committee will identify a short list of candidates to bring on campus for interviews. The likely pool of such short list candidates is anticipated to be not less than three (3) and not more than five (5) candidates, but the Search Committee shall retain full discretion regarding the number of candidates to bring on campus for interviews.

Meetings and Duties of the Presidential Search Committee

  1. Meetings of the Search Committee will be called by the Search Committee Chair. All members will be notified at least seven days in advance of a meeting, except that less than a seven day notice may be given if an emergency meeting is necessary. Meetings may take place telephonically, electronically, by any medium agreed to, and/or at a location agreed to by the majority of the committee members.
  2. The Search Committee may meet in executive session for the purpose of discussing candidates for the position or any other purpose permitted by law. Presentations to the Search Committee in open session or in executive session are restricted to members of the Committee and any individuals specifically invited by the Chair of the Committee to address the Committee.
  3. Each member of the Search Committee is entitled to participate fully in all committee activities including, but not limited to, recruitment, interviewing, screening, and evaluation of applicants.
  4. The Search Committee will shape the search process as it sees fit, in order to achieve the goal of identifying and recruiting qualified candidates.
  5. Before the first meeting of the Search Committee at which candidates will be considered, the applications of all candidates will be made available for review by all committee members. Any distributed information about a candidate must be returned to the Committee Chair once the candidate has been eliminated from further consideration by the Committee.
  6. The Chair of the Search Committee, or the Chair’s designee, shall be the spokesperson for the Search Committee.
  7. All correspondence, telephone contacts, and other direct contacts with the nominees and candidates prior to interviews will be handled by the Committee Chair, or the Committee staff at the Chair’s direction.
  8. Expenses associated with travel and other expenses of Committee members, travel of each candidate for campus interviews, and all other expenses associated with the search, shall be subject to reimbursement through the Office of the President.

On Campus Interviews of Finalists

Interviews with the finalists, as determined by the Search Committee, shall be conducted on campus. During the campus visits, students, classified employees, non-classified employees, faculty members, campus administrators, community leaders, alumni, foundation, and other individuals will be invited to meet with the candidates. Comments and feedback from all such constituents will be considered and evaluated by the Search Committee.


  1. Each member will protect applicant confidentiality including names of applicants and any identifying information relative to the applicant, the applicant’s background, or current or former employers. All Committee discussions and deliberations are confidential. All applicant information, including vita, writing samples, etc., is confidential. The Search Committee is required to conduct its meetings and deliberations consistent with this commitment, unless provided otherwise under law.
  2. Members of the Presidential Search Committee may not provide information about the names or backgrounds of any candidates, without their consent, to anyone who is not a member of the search committee, or authorized agents or staff as designated in the search procedures approved by the Council. When candidates are invited to a preliminary interview with the search committee, they shall be notified of the conditions under which confidentiality may be waived as to background checks or other matters. If a candidate is invited for a campus interview, his or her name and background shall be publicly released after he or she accepts an invitation for a formal campus visit.

Time Frame 

The Board of Governors hopes to select a new President no later than the end of the 2015 Fall Semester. The search process will continue and may be extended for as long as necessary in order for the Search Committee to identify and hire a suitable candidate for President.


These search process procedures shall become effective upon approval by the Council.

BOG Approved 03-16-2015