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  • Schedule
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  • Refund Policy (SCP-5050, Section 6.2) 
  • Explanation of Refund Policy
    • 100% refunds are given for any classes cancelled by the College or for any class from which a student drops prior to the beginning day of classes for the academic term
    • the Technology Fee and the Health/Wellness Fee are non-refundable as of the first day of classes for any given academic term
    • Non-Traditional Classes: Non-Traditional classes that have a shorter duration period than the 16 week classes.  100% refund is given when one drops the class before the first day of the class.  No refund is given beginning the day the class starts
    • Traditional Classes — Traditional classes are classes that meet 16 weeks during the academic term.  To be eligible for a refund after the beginning day of classes for the term, the student MUST withdraw from all classes (leaving 0 hours registered for the 16 week term) within the refund dates listed on the Refund Schedule (have link embedded to the refund schedule)