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Career Development Resource Center

Do you want information about an occupation? Are you unsure about what to do with your future? Please visit the Career Development Resource Center where you may explore and learn about careers by using Choices software, and other career materials.

Perhaps you need to research a particular career, get information on that unique or hard-to-find career, find out the occupations with the most favorable outlook today or simply get a detailed print out on an occupation to find out the work tasks, salary range, training required and more. Southern’s Career Development Resource Center can help.

Do you need help:

  • Finding a major?
  • Matching your interests with a career?
  • Identifying your skills and qualifications?
  • Preparing your cover letter and resume?
  • Preparing for the interview?

Career Guidance

Southern's Career Development Center is designed to provide assistance to students by identifying, evaluating, and implementing career plans, as well as provide employment information and job referral networking.

Six Steps to a Better Career

Self Assessment

Assessing your interests, skills, and values. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. What satisfaction do you expect from your career and your life.

Exploring Your Options

Investigating specific career areas that match your interests, skills, and values. Get tips on job shadowing, volunteering, and informational interviews.

Decision Making

Developing a plan and determining the steps needed to achieve your goals. Learn decision making styles and goal setting.

Preparing for the Job Search

Receive valuable professional advice on cover letters, resumes, and interviewing.

Search for a Job

Educate yourself about job search strategies, salary negotiations, and relocation.

Career Management

Discover the secrets to on-the-job happiness and career satisfaction.

“Find out where you’re going BEFORE you get there!”

Visit the SWVCTC Career Development Resource Center today!

Meet with a career counselor to develop your plans. To make an appointment, please call the Career Development Center at (304) 896-7375, located on the Logan Campus of Southern in Student Services, Room 140.