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Facilities and Safety Committee

Committee Purpose

The committee will be responsible for submitting recommendations to the Executive Council in planning for the acquisition, allocation, maintenance, alterations to and use of physical and financial resources of the College, including but not limited to buildings, grounds, and equipment for all campuses and other locations owned and/or operated by the College.  (The

Enrollment Management Committee Membership


  • Teri Wells, Chair, Director of Admissions and Interim Registrar
  • Karen Preece, Vice Chair, Classified Staff at-large
  • Susan Baldwin, Faculty, Boone/Lincoln Campus
  • Allyn Sue Barker, Vice President for Workforce and Community Development, and
  • Interim Vice President for Student Services
  • Carol Cole, Publ

Enrollment Management Committee

Committee Purpose

To make recommendations on a college wide uniform effort addressing the areas of recruitment, registration, orientation, retention, marketing, college success, and career services.  The committee focuses on individuals throughout the service district as potential, current and previously served customers.  The committee has oversight for the Enrollment

Curriculum & Instruction Committee Membership


  • Lisa Redmiles, Chair, University Transfer
  • Denise White, Vice Chair, University Transfer
  • Erica Farley, Applied and Industrial Technology
  • Lora Foster, Healthcare and Business
  • Mary Hamilton, Social Sciences, Education, and Non-traditional Programs
  • Stacy Hatfield, Healthcare and Busine

Student Survey

Which of the following statements best describe the reason(s) you were unable to attend Southern for fall 2015 classes?