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Career Development Resource Center

Do you want information about an occupation? Are you unsure about what to do with your future? Please visit the Career Development Resource Center where you may explore and learn about careers by using Choices software, and other career materials.

CAS Standards

The Student Development and Special Services unit uses national standards for practice in Student Development created by the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS). CAS collaborates with specific professional associations to create national best practice guidelines in each area. Southern uses these best practices as one way to judge our work.

Academic Skills Assessment

What is a placement assessment and how is it used?

Placement assessments are tools that measure your current skills in reading, writing, math, and general computer use. Southern uses scores from the assessments to place students in their English, Math, and Science classes. Some courses have placement score requirements students must meet before entering.

Dual Credit

Earn college credits while still in high school. A head start you can’t pass up.

Student Picture

Still in high school but ready for college courses? At Southern you can earn college credits that will get you a head start on your college career.


The Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College provides individual and small-group tutoring to any students wanting to improve their class performance. The work is aimed at helping students become strong independent learners by working to improve their subject understanding, study skills, and test preparation.