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Student Southern Email Account

We have created a new student email address for you, whether you are a returning student or new student.  Your new email address typically uses your first name and last name and is followed by  Email is an official form of communication (click here to view official policy).  The intent is to improve Southern’s ability to communicate important information to our students.  Many offices and processes at Southern send email to your Southern email address.  You are responsible for any message sent by the school to this email address.  You have the ability to forward your email to another email address, if you choose, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are receiving emails from the school sent to that account.  Southern uses Microsoft’s Office 365 as its email system. 

To log in to your Southern email:
  • Browse to
  • Click on Current Students and select Student Email from the drop-down menu to get to the login page shown the the right.
  • Enter your Southern email address as your username. If you don’t know that address, please DO NOT guess. Log in to MySouthern (click here for instructions), click on Personal Information and then View Email Address. Depending upon how your computer is setup, you might be able to enter only the first part of your email address before the Try it to see if it works for you.
  • If you have never logged in to this email account before, your initial password is your student ID number (or “S” number) followed by an exclamation point (!).
Active Directory Federation Services Login
  • On your first login, you will need to set Language and Time Zone.  You will not be asked to this after the first log in.  It is important that you change the time zone to Eastern Time so that when you start to use the calendar, your appointments will show up correctly.
OWA Setup
  • As you log in for the first time, you should change your password as your student ID number is available to others.  You CANNOT change the password within Office 365.  Browse to  Use your email address as your username and your current password to access this page.  You will then be presented with a page that allows you to change that password (see image to the right).  Type in your old password again and then a new password and confirm that password.  Your password must be sufficiently complex, being at least 7 characters long and containing at least 3 of these 4 types of characters:
    • Uppercase letter
    • Lowercase letter
    • Number
    • Punctuation characters (-,=,$, etc.)
Password Change


If you can’t successfully reset your password, please call the helpdesk on campus at HELP (extension 4357) or off-campus toll-free at 1-866-614-5019.  The helpdesk is available 24 hours a day.  You can also reach the helpdesk via a live chat or instant message function at  Note that the technicians will not be able to reset a password over the Live Tech Support function as they won’t be able to verify your identity, but that feature can be used for help on Blackboard, Microsoft Office and other general technology questions from anywhere, including a campus lab computer.   Please use the 24 hour helpdesk rather than calling your instructor for help with Blackboard or other class related technology.

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