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Student Services Specialist

Campus: Wyoming/McDowell                                             Non-Classified Position with Benefits

Responsibilities:  The Student Services Specialist is responsible for the facilitation of the admission and enrollment of students into higher education, providing students with basic information about the process of applying for financial aid, monitoring student academic progress and providing support in the collegiate environment that allows the student to persist to the point of reaching their unique academic goals.  The student Services Specialist takes care of student needs as they occur on campus and at off-campus sites, whether that need is personal or academic.  Responsible for developing varied structured programs, workshops, and seminars for campus delivery.  May be responsible for college-wide coordination for one or more of the following grouping tasks: counseling and activities; recruitment and orientation; student disability services and ADA compliance; student placement and career services; testing and calendar of event; and adult services.  Applicant will be advising student regarding academic programs, course selection, and institutional transfer.  Counseling services to students and referral services, when necessary.  Applicant will market the college and conduct appropriate recruiting activities to prospective students through correspondence college fair, relations with high schools, and ensuring Southern is represented at community functions and events.  Requirements: Broad knowledge of higher education philosophy and various processes, which include but are not limited to: admissions; enrollment; financial aid; transfer credit; career services; student orientation; and other areas of student support.  Applicant must possess strong leadership skills, time management and organizational skills with attention to detail; demonstrate excellent skills in the area of:  verbal and written communication; interpersonal relations; presentation; and team building.  Applicant must have the ability to work as an effective team member.  Applicant must have knowledge and application for various computer software programs; ability to initiate and maintain accurate records, maintaining confidentiality.  Master's Degree required with preference for degree in Counseling, Student Personnel (Guidance and Counseling), Psychology, and Education.  Position will remain open until Filled.