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Academic Support Specialist

Academic Success Specialist             Part-time Up to 19 hours per week   Grant-funded Positon

Campus:  Logan, Williamson, Wyoming/McDowell, and Boone Campus

Responsibilities:  Provides academic assistance to assigned tutors, either in a group or individually.  Establishes liaison with the instructor and works under the instructor's direction to assist the student.  Attends periodic training sessions given by staff members to increase competency in working with students.  Maintains records on each student who is tutored, including follow-up and periodic assessment.  Schedules tutoring appointments and provides evaluations and other reports as required by staff.  Helps students develop positive attitudes toward learning and studying and helps students develop a high level of motivation in academic areas.  Assists students in achieving a better understanding of specific subject material and in improving academic capabilities in designated areas with focus on Math & Science.  Helps students develop the study skills necessary for academic success. 

Requirements: Bachelor's Degree in math, science or engineering field.  Preference will be given to those who experience teaching at the community college level.  Must have the ability to effectively, communicate mathematics, reading and English concepts to students.  Computer literate, and demonstrate ability to work effectively with students, peers and the public.  Must be able to travel among campuses and other locations as needed.  Part-time position limited to grant funding restrictions.  Position will remain open until filled.