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Are You Ready for Online Learning?

  1. I have access to, and am comfortable using, a web browser, saving files in various formats, and sending or opening e-mail attachments. Y/N
  2. I feel that I can learn effectively through participating in online discussion forums, independent study, and reading lecture notes and textbook materials, as well as I can by attending “live” classroom lectures. Y/N
  3. I am comfortable expressing my ideas in writing and communicating with people using electronic technologies such as e-mail. Y/N
  4. I feel that I can obtain high quality learning without having face to face interaction. Y/N
  5. I have regular access to a computer and the Internet through a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP). Y/N
  6. I anticipate that I can successfully structure my course work around my other commitments and lifestyle. Y/N
  7. I believe I am the kind of student who is highly motivated, and as a iindividual, I work well independently. Y/N
  8. I learn better when I listen to an explanation of a concept rather than from reading the course materials or viewing graphics and other visuals. Y/N
  9. I am good at assessing my own progress and taking responsibility for my own learning. Y/N
  10. I am able to manage my study time effectively, easily complete assignments on time, and meet deadlines without procrastinating. Y/N

Your Online Learning Readiness Score Interpretation:

8 – 10 Yes’s – Your lifestyle and skills are ready to accept the challenges of online

5 – 7 Yes’s – Your lifestyle and skills need some adjustments and some skill thast
need tuned up, but your chances for success are good.

0 – 4 Yes’s – Participation in an on-line class may not be the best choice for you at