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Electromechanical Instrumentation Technology

Program Details

The Electromechanical Instrumentation Technology Program prepares students for industrial automation in applications (engineering) positions, as well as service (maintenance) type positions by providing knowledge and hands-on experience in electricity, fluid power, sensors, control systems, instrumentation and programmable controllers - components that are used in a wide variety of industrial automation systems, machines, and equipment.

This program is designed for those who are interested in oil and gas industry, plant maintenance, machine set-up and installation, and troubleshooting of modern computer controlled machines. Electromechanical instrumentation jobs are found in the manufacturing, energy, medical, electronics, agriculture, biotechnology, and automotive industries.

The full Electromechanical Instrumentation Technology Certificate Program is available on the Williamson Campus. The Boone/Lincoln, Logan, and Wyoming/McDowell campuses offer the general education/program support courses only.

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