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Industrial Technology

Program Details

The Industrial Technology Certificate Program is designed to provide basic skills in a variety of applied industrial career which can lead to entry-level positions and provides a smooth transition into an associate or high technology field.

With the exception of MT 124, the General Education component is available at all campuses.  Depending on the chosen Specialization, the availability of courses from campus to campus will vary.

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Component I – General Education: 14 credit hours
EN 101              English Composition I                                                                  3 credit hours
MT 124              Technical Math                                                                           3 credit hours
OR 105             Orientation to Technical Programs                                                 1 credit hour
SP 103              Speech Fundamentals                                                                 3 credit hours
                        1Laboratory Science Elective                                                        4 credit hours

1Choose from:  BS 101, BS 102, BS 124, BS 125, BS 199, BS 216, CH 203, CH 204, CH 213, CH 214, CH 223 w/CH 224, CH 225 w/CH 226, GL 110, IS 200, IS 210, SC 109, SC 110, PH 200, PH 210, PH 212, PH 220, or PH 222.

Component II – Specialization: 16 credit hours
Students must complete at least one skill set in a technology field offered by the Department of Applied and Industrial Technology.  Students may use a combination of additional technology-based courses from related fields to complete the specialization.  Areas include:  Applied Technology, Drafting, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mine Technology, Safety Technology, Surveying Technology, Technical Studies, and Welding.


A trimester-by-trimester program course sequence is available at

Department Chair: 304.896.7337
Administrative Secretary: 304.896.7303