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The Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College provides individual and small-group tutoring to any students wanting to improve their class performance. The work is aimed at helping students become strong independent learners by working to improve their subject understanding, study skills, and test preparation.

How does it work?

Tutoring is available in most general education classes, and it is free to all currently registered students. The tutors will be Southern faculty, staff, or students.

How do I get a tutor?

Getting a tutor is very simple. Just come to the Student Services area and let them know that you are interested in getting tutored. You will be asked to complete a Request for Tutoring form. You will list your available time on the schedule and we will then call you as soon as we can schedule your first tutoring session. Sometimes we will be able to schedule you right away, but generally we like to contact the tutors first to verify their availability. You can apply for tutoring at any time during the semester, but the earlier you start, the better the chance of helping you make a significant improvement in your work.

Become a Tutor


We are always looking for good tutors!  A good candidate is someone who has excelled (grade of “B” or better) in a subject area and has the personal qualities and communication skills of a good teacher. Applications are accepted throughout the semester. If you are interested please fill out the online application (coming soon).

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is located next to the Library on the Logan Campus of Southern.  The Academic Success Center provides faculty, staff, and students with resources necessary to help students with their academic problems.  The center has study tables, chairs, whiteboards, and computers to help faculty members and tutors assist tutees with their academic concerns. 

Academic Success Center Schedule