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We, the students of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, in order to promote the development of ideas, character, and knowledge, to provide for the academic and general welfare of all individuals embodied by this institution, and to promote the integrity of this institution and its representatives with respect to the student, faculty, and staff, and with the further realization that an effective and responsible Student Government Association and its participation in the governance of this institution can best accomplish these aims, do hereby adopt this constitution.

The name of this organization shall be the Student Government Association (SGA) of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.

A. To furnish an elected body of students to represent the opinions and wishes of the student body.

B. To help coordinate and maintain a well balanced academic, social, civic, cultural, and intramural program for the student body.
1. By making responsible recommendations concerning proposed student activities in compliance with the goals and policies of the Board of Directors of the State College System, Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, College President, Vice President for Student Services, and the SGA advisor.
2. By making responsible recommendations concerning the implementation of all SGA approved student activities.
3. By making responsible recommendations in matters of difference between student organizations and the faculty and/or administration concerning student activities.

C. All recommendations must be in compliance with institutional and Board of Directors of the State College System policies.

D. School Colors
1. The official colors of Southern shall be magenta and teal.


A. Officers, Qualifications, and Duties
1. Elected Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
2. Appointed Officers: Sergeant-at-Arms, Chaplain, and Parliamentarian.
Other officers may be appointed by each individual campus SGA president as deemed necessary, with the approval of the SGA advisor, campus dean, and SGA members.
3. Representatives: Sophomore and Freshman.
The number of representatives elected shall be a total of one representative per 100 students enrolled on campus, divided equally between sophomore and freshmen.
4. Qualifications
a. President - Must be a full-time student of sophomore standing when the term of office begins and have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better. The student must have completed at least 30 and no more than 90 hours at the end of the semester in which they are elected.
b. Vice-President - Same as president.
c. Secretary and Treasurer - Must be a full-time student of sophomore or freshman standing with a 2.0 or better cumulative GPA. Entering freshmen with no prior college credits must have a 2.0 or better high school cumulative GPA or passing GED score.
d. Representatives - May be a full-time or part-time student with at least six semester hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. Entering freshmen with no prior college credits must have a 2.0 or better high school cumulative GPA or passing GED score.
e. All of the above SGA members must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA throughout their term of office in order to maintain their position. There are two additional offices to be filled during SGA elections. Those two being the student representative to the college board of advisors and the college representative to the Advisory Council of Students. Their qualifications are the same qualifications necessary for the position of SGA president.
5. Duties
a. The president shall be the official representative of the student body in affairs pertaining to their respective campus, shall appoint all committees and their respective chairmen, shall confer with the SGA advisor on a regular basis, and shall regularly preside at all meetings and perform such other duties as pertain to the position.
b. The vice-president shall assume all responsibilities and powers of the office of president and become the president should a vacancy occur, shall assist in preparing the agenda of all matters to come before the SGA at regular meetings, and shall serve as public relations person for the campus SGA.
c. The secretary shall record and read the minutes of all meetings, shall record members present and absent at each meeting, and perform other duties as assigned by the president. The secretary shall provide an official copy of the minutes of each meeting to the SGA advisor, College President, VP for Student Services, SGA president, and campus library. The secretary shall assist in the timely completion and proper retention of all official SGA records. Should a vacancy occur in the offices of president and vice-president at the same time, the secretary shall preside over meetings until the SGA elects one of its sophomore representatives to fulfill the unexpired term of office.
d. The treasurer shall keep all records and accounts pertaining to the financial matters of the SGA by keeping a ledger and updating it weekly during the semester, shall assist in the timely completion of all official paperwork on file, and shall give a financial report at each meeting.
e. The parliamentarian shall observe and protect the normal use of parliamentary procedure, and shall instruct any person who has been called out of order three times in one meeting to leave the meeting.
f. It shall be the privilege of the chaplain to open and close each SGA meeting and other activities with a prayer.
g. The sergeant-at-arms shall maintain order and decorum at all SGA meetings and shall assist with security matters at SGA events.
h. The freshmen and sophomore representatives are required to attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the SGA and shall assist with the planning and implementation of all SGA activities.
i. The committee chairman shall see that committee functions are carried out and shall make a report at each SGA meeting.

B. Election of Officers
1. Each candidate must submit an official petition before he/she will be eligible to run for office. The petition shall include the name of the student, office for which he/she is a candidate, and the signatures of the prescribed number of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College students enrolled at the time of the petitioning.
2. A total of 50 signatures of currently enrolled students is required for petitions endorsing candidates for elected officers at campuses with an enrollment of 400 or more. Otherwise, at least 25 signatures are required.
3. The candidates for student representatives are required to submit petitions bearing 30 signatures for campuses with an enrollment of 400 or more. Otherwise, at least 15 signatures are required.
4. No campaign literature will be distributed or posted without the prior consent and approval of the campus office responsible for building and grounds as well as the SGA advisor when the petition for office is turned in to the SGA advisor on or before the stated deadline. Any campaign activities which would reflect unfavorably upon Southern, the student body, or the administration thereof shall result in the candidate's petition being declared void and his/her being declared ineligible for that SGA office by the V.P. for Student Services or his/her designee for a period of one year. The SGA shall have the power to challenge, but not make the final decision, on whether or not a platform and the person's eligibility is void or not.
5. The V.P. for Student Services or SGA advisor shall inform the candidates of official duties and the official election procedures before they file petitions of election.
6. The term of office for all SGA members is from 1 May to 30 April of the following year, as defined by state statute and/or institutional policy.

C. Vacancies
1. Representatives: When a vacancy occurs through resignation, impeachment, expulsion, or ineligibility, the SGA president shall appoint an alternate to fill the unexpired term of vacancy. All alternates shall be approved by the SGA in a majority vote.
2. Officers
a. President: Should a vacancy occur in this office, the vice-president shall forfeit his/her powers to assume the office of president.
b. Vice-President: Should a vacancy occur in this office, the SGA shall elect one of its sophomore members to fulfill the unexpired term of office.
c. Secretary: Should a vacancy occur in this office, the SGA shall elect one of its members to for fulfill the unexpired term of office.
d. Treasurer: Should a vacancy occur in this office, the SGA shall elect one of its members to fulfill the unexpired term of office.
e. Appointed Officers: Should a vacancy occur in one of these positions, the SGA president shall appoint an SGA member to fulfill the unexpired term of office.
f. President and Vice-President simultaneously: The secretary shall preside over SGA meetings until a president is elected. The secretary shall appoint an SGA member to take minutes until said election occurs. The SGA shall elect one of its sophomore representatives to fulfill the unexpired term of office.

D. Meetings
1. There shall be a minimum of one regular meeting of the SGA per month during the Fall and Spring semesters.
2. These meetings shall be open to the student body, faculty, staff, and administration, with the president of the SGA recognizing said persons.
3. The SGA shall hear requests made by any student organization, student, or group of students, employee, or member of the administration and make appropriate recommendations. For the sake of the agenda preparation and other purposes, all requests to be heard must be presented to an SGA member or the advisor at least 24 hours prior to the announced meeting.
4. At the beginning of each semester, each SGA member must submit his/her schedule to the SGA secretary and advisor. Meetings shall be arranged based on these schedules and the recommendations of the SGA members. When a scheduled meeting time is decided, it shall be posted for notification of the student body for at least two school days. 5. Special meetings may be called by the SGA president, or upon request of the SGA advisor or a majority of SGA members. The SGA advisor shall have at least two days' notice of special meetings.
6. A majority of the SGA membership shall constitute a quorum to conduct official business during a properly called SGA meeting.
7. Each member of the SGA shall have one vote except the presiding officer, who may vote only to break a tie. Appointed officers do not have a vote during official SGA meetings.
8. Any member missing two consecutive meetings or a total of three meetings in one semester without a valid excuse as determined by the SGA in consultation with the SGA advisor or campus dean will be subject to impeachment proceedings.

E. Parliamentary Authority
1. Parliamentary authority shall be based on Robert's Rules of Order. This book should be present at all SGA meetings.
2. Any member of the SGA may be impeached by two-thirds vote of the total student government membership. Such vote will be taken by secret ballot after consideration of a written charge. Impeachment proceedings may be instituted by one-third membership of the SGA. A final vote on the charge may not be called until at least one week after proceedings are instituted.
3. Impeachment proceedings shall consist of notification of charges in writing to the member considered for impeachment. The member being considered for impeachment then has a maximum of one week to prepare a statement or tender a resignation. (Any resignations are final, and those who resign may not be reinstated on the SGA that year.) After this designated time period, a final vote for impeachment may be called.

F. Committees
1. Special committees may be appointed by the SGA president or SGA advisor , advisor, or campus dean as needed and shall serve at the will of the aforementioned persons.
2. The committee shall consist of representatives from the freshman and sophomore classes.

G. Advisor
1. The Student Services Advisor to the SGA shall be appointed by the V.P.of Student Services or College President. This appointment is made in writing.
2. The SGA advisor must be notified of all SGA meetings at least two class days in advance.
3. The Student Services advisor shall represent the administration and faculty of the college. The advisor will interpret administrative policies.
4. All activities of the student body are subject to the approval of the VP of Student Services and the SGA.

H. Major Functions
1. All activities shall be under the supervision of the SGA advisor.
a. Dates shall be determined by the SGA and the campus offices responsible for buildings and grounds.
b. All recommendations and plans for activities must be submitted to the SGA advisor no less than 20 days prior to the event for approval, unless other arrangements are made.

2. Scheduling Events
a. No social event may be scheduled on the weekend prior to, or during the week of, mid-term and final exams.
b. All social functions shall end no later than 1:00 a.m. with the exception of one event per semester which may end no later than 2:00 a.m. This event must be designated in writing at least 30 days in advance of the proposed event to the campus office in charge of buildings and grounds by the SGA president.
c. The SGA and the college administration does not permit drugs or alcoholic beverages at any events sponsored by the SGA. Other policies are also enforced by the SGA during these activities. This includes, but is not limited to, the Tobacco Usage policy and the Parking policy.

I. Amendments
A proposed amendment to this constitution must be submitted in writing by a student with a petition containing at least 50 student signatures supporting the proposed amendment. If approved by two-thirds vote of a campus SGA, the amendment will be referred by the SGA advisor to the V.P. for Student Services, college council, and the College President. Such a proposed amendment must be approved by two-thirds vote of each campus SGA. It shall then be posted not less than 10 days before being voted on by the entire student body. This constitution shall then be amended if approved by two-thirds vote of the voting students.

J. Adoption
This constitution shall be in effect immediately upon approval by the SGA, college council, college president, and ratification by two-thirds vote of the voting students.