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Student Government Association

Each campus of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has a Student Government Association (SGA) made up of elected officers and representatives and other appointed members. Among other responsibilities, the SGA is designed to supplement student activities for the college community. An example of activities sponsored by the SGA would include, game shows, dances, Red Cross Blood drives, comedians, Laser Karaoke, guest speakers, etc.

 SGA meetings are held at least once a month during the semesters, and they are open for all students to attend. There is a Student Government Constitution which guides all SGA activities, along with an SGA Advisor. The SGA makes recommendations to the Campus and College regarding the needs and concerns of the student body. The Presidents of each campus SGA meet in a special committee to share ideas with each other during the College’s "All Governance Days”.

  The SGA office on the Williamson Campus is located in Room 123, The SGA office on the Wyoming campus is Room 110, and the SGA office for the Logan campus is in Room 113. For more information, you may contact: Ted Williams, Student Services Specialist and SGA Advisor at  (304) 236-7658, or an SGA member on any of the campuses of Southern.