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Veteran's Club and Lounge

Veteran's Club

This student organization meets once a month, servicing lunch and refreshments to veterans and veteran dependents.  All veterans and veteran dependents are welcome to attend.  College staff and facility are welcome to attend the meetings as well to better help our veteran population.  The meeting consist of;

  • Promoting college spirit,
  • Opportunity to socialize and network with other veterans on campus,
  • Veteran students get more information about college, events, and support,
  • Gives veterans a stronger voice on campus, 
  • Guest speakers from the servicing area attend to inform veterans and dependents about programs available to help qualifying veterans.

Veterans Lounge

Located on the Logan campus, is a great place to get homework completed, socialize with other veterans, or just get away for some peace in between classes.  Valuable information is posted inside with updated information to assist the veteran and their families in the best possible way.  Additional, a TV, Computers, couches, microwave, coffee pot, and small refrigerator available for veteran students and their dependents inside the lounge, for any down time veterans may have throughout the day.