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Property, Stocks, and Securities

Gifts of property, stocks and/or securities which you have held long enough to qualify as long-term investments may provide tax advantages to you while providing a larger contribution to the College. A charitable gift of this type, rather than cash, may enable you to avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated investments, and you receive a deduction for their full market value on the date of your gift.

Gifts of this type are coordinated by Ronald Lemon, Vice President for Development at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College.  He can be reached via e-mail at or via phone at 304.896.7425.Before making a gift of property, stock or secuties, please first contact the Development Office.  We will provide the necessary information to make sure the transaction is handled to your specifications and you receive proper credit for your gift.

How can I make an outright gift of stock via electronic transfer?

Giving stock through electronic transfer is the easiest method when a donor maintains holdings in a brokered account. Depository Trust Company, or DTC, is the clearinghouse for electronic security transfers. Each brokerage firm has a specific DTC number.

Please contact Lola Lackey, Development Office Accountant, by e-mail or by telephone at 304-896-7407, before the transfer so that the Foundation can make arrangements to receive the stock. The Foundation cannot sell an unidentified security. At the same time, please indicate the purpose of the contribution, such as an annual gift, a pledge payment, or funds for a planned gift.