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We Have IT

We Have IT


Mechatronics is a relatively new approach to product design and development. It combines the principles of electrical, mechanical, computer and industrial engineering. Career positions are available for Mechatronic Technologists in all aspects of today’s high tech industries. Mechatronics skills can lead to good-paying jobs in schools, hospitals, manufacturing and production facilities.

Information Technology

As innumerable forms of information technology (IT) embed themselves deeper and deeper into our culture and global economy, the demand for people able to operate, manage, repair, and troubleshoot grows. Our IT programs provide you with the skills required to earn industry-relevant certifications and be prepared to enter a variety of career fields.


Are you ready to let the sparks fly in Southern’s welding program and classes? You’ll cut, weld and solder your way to a skilled trade career! As a graduate of Southern’s Welding program, your career options include manufacturing, commercial construction, mining, agriculture, wholesale trade and repair and maintenance. The employment outlook for welders is strong.